Clean Room Door Stickers / Verify Clean Seals

PICpatch, a well-respected and trusted Digital Imaging Security company by thousands of major corporations worldwide has come up with a solution to help protect businesses and people from the Covid–19 Pandemic Crisis.  Our Tamper Evident, Non-Residue Security Labels have been used as a “Chaperone Seal” on Hotel Doors for years and now we offer them as a “Verified Clean Seal”.  These new 1’ X 4” Verify Safe Seal Stickers can also be used for other applications as well including Car Doors for Car Rental Agencies and even Shipping Boxes.  To help customers know that your company has sanitized and disinfected your rooms, cars or products, the 6 digit serialized non residue Tamper Evident PICpatch label can be used with confidence.  These labels can also be customized with your logo. Please watch the Chaperone video, which you can find on the Homepage, to see how it works.