Hotel Room Cleaning Accessory/Supply - A "Must-Have" Going Forward

Whether you are a Hotel, Hotel Cleaning Supplies Company, or a Hotel Room Cleaning and Office Cleaning company,  or a  Car Rental Agency, Car Dealership, or a Shipping and Packaging Company, or a School, the new Verify Clean Labels will be an important asset to your business.

PICpatch, LLC, a Digital Imaging Security Company, has introduced a new “Verified Clean” Label to help corporations deal with the Covid-19 Epidemic.  To help with giving customers the trust that Hotel Chains, Car Rental Agencies, Shipping Companies, and Restaurants are safe, the Verified Clean Labels ensure that your company is committed to the cleanliness and safety that they deserve.

PICpatch Verified Clean labels can be applied to any clean, smooth surface, and that includes being placed between a hotel room door and door frame. This will provide hotel guests with peace of mind and assurance that a room has been sealed after its cleaning and sanitization.

When the high-quality label is removed, it changes without leaving any glue or residue behind. The label will assure that no one else has been behind the closed door, and with the 6 digit serialized number, everyone will know that it has not been removed and replaced. PICpatch labels have been tested to work in dry, wet, and salt, conditions including temperatures from between -40 and +120 degrees F.

Our Non-Residue, Serialized, Tamper Evident Labels change when you remove them and ensure that they cannot be reused.  They can be custom ordered with any Logo or message you would like, or we have stock labels that can ship on the same day you place an order.  

PICpatch, LLC has been trusted since 2007 by thousands of major corporations and governments agencies around the world and you can be sure that our customer service will help you with your orders, concerns or questions on how to use our products.